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About IBS

The Institute of Banking Studies is considered the first destination for workers in the banking sector to receive banking skills and knowledge. It was established by the Republican Decree Law No. (27) for the year 1978. It began conducting its activities and holding its first session in December 1980, and all banks operating in the Republic are considered its founding members, benefiting from its programs and covering its budget according to specific percentages in its statute.


Providing capacity-building services for human resources and qualitative training for Yemeni banks and financial institutions in accordance with international standards in order to contribute to the development and modernization of the Yemeni banking sector to achieve the well-being of the individual and society.

Our Values

The human being is our first focus and building his capabilities is our job and we represent the following values to do our job

-        Quality and efficiency

-        Constant updating and keeping pace with the times

-        The spirit of cooperation and excellence in service provision


To be the leading institution in providing quality training and qualification programs specialized in the financial and banking field in accordance with international best practices.

Our Partners


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  • Banking Operations
  • Credit and Risk
  • Microfinance
  • Legislation, compliance and governance
  • Accounting, Finance and Auditing
  • Management and marketing
  • International Programs
  • Computer and IT skills
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Training Sessions
  • English Language Courses

Islamic Banking Specialist

Days No: 6
محافظة إب
02-03-2024 --- 07-03-2024

Excellence in Customer Service

Days No: 5
ضمن دبلوم التسويق المصرفي
03-03-2024 --- 06-03-2024

Days No: 4
03-03-2024 --- 06-03-2024

Digital Marketing

Days No: 5
دبلوم التسويق المصرفي
03-03-2024 --- 07-03-2024

Detection of Counterfeiting Currency and Document Forgery Skills

Days No: 5
دبلوم المصرفي الشامل
03-03-2024 --- 07-03-2024

Days No: 5
03-03-2024 --- 07-03-2024


The IBS aims to raise the level of technical and professional competence of all banking sector employees, to spread the banking culture and theoretical and applied sciences, to develop and improve banking service methods in Yemen with the aim of increasing the ability of workers in the banking sector to perform their mission in serving the national economy, enabling them to play a leading role in achieving the goals of their institutions. 

Computer skills…

The IBS pays special attention to computer skills programs with the aim of developing the capabilities of Yemeni bank employees to benefit from data management and analysis techniques, through the techniques of the Excel program, leading to data analysis using business intelligence tools - Power Bi. The IBS has implemented 24 training programs within the Computer Skills and Information Technology Programs Department, where 481 participants benefited, the total training hours were 705.

Training on banking and institutional formation

Within a short period of time, the Institute of Banking Studies was able to achieve qualitative leaps in the field of specific, specialized and professional training, raising the level of training through the formation of comprehensive and diverse professional and specialized training programs in the areas of banking and financial work, combating money laundering and financing terrorism, microfinance, accounting, finance and auditing, banking operations, Credit and risk, legislation, compliance and governance, accounting, finance and auditing, management and marketing, international programs, English language courses, and Islamic banking.

Seminars, panel discussions, research and studies

The IBS holds seminars and workshops on banking financial issues at the Institute’s headquarters and via the Internet. These seminars and workshops included a seminar entitled Islamic banking, as well as another seminar entitled Awareness of information security as well as financial transformation. A group of workers and those interested in the Yemeni banking sector participated in these seminars.


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The exhibition of electronic financial services was concluded today in Sana'a, which was organized by the Institute of Banking Studies and the College of Commerce and Economics - Sana'a University, under the generous sponsorship of the Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen and the President of Sana'a University, which lasted for three days, starting from March 19.

SWIFT iso 20022

Today, the training program was Started at the institute’s office, entitled / (SWIFT iso 20022)

CSAA Certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor

For the first time in Yemen at the Institute of Banking Studies the first batch took the international program (CSAA Certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor) was tested to obtain the internationally accredited CSAA certificate

Global Partnerships

International institutions and institutes with which the Institute of Banking Studies establishes partnerships.